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Graffiti Wedding - Yorkshire wedding blogToday we’re featuring the wedding of Michael and Tereza. Tereza is a photographer and we’ve featured some of her work previously on The Nuptial. Although the couple live in West Yorkshire, Tereza is originally from the Czech Republic and has a large number of friends and family based there. With the prospect of two weddings and one wedding budget, Tereza and Michael decided to document their Yorkshire wedding in an alternative setting and took their pictures in and around Huddersfield town centre.Graffiti Wedding - Yorkshire wedding blog

Teresa says: From the beginning we knew that we were going to have two weddings. I couldn’t expect my entire family to travel to England, so we thought it made more sense that we go to the Czech Republic. Also, it’s the place I grew up and tradition says the wedding should be in the bride’s hometown.

So knowing how picturesque the scenery is there we didn’t really want two weddings with very similar photos, what would be the point? That’s when the creative ideas started! Where should we go that’s different? The town centre was the perfect location. It was close by, and the urban environment was the complete opposite to our picturesque, rural Czech wedding.Graffiti Wedding - Yorkshire wedding blogGraffiti Wedding - Yorkshire wedding blogGraffiti aWedding - Yorkshire wedding blogGraffiti Wedding - Yorkshire wedding blogBeing a photographer myself I did not want to pick a rough location and leave it up to our wedding photographer to do the rest. For several days leading up to the wedding I walked around town asking shop owners if I could use their shop/ fire escapes/ stairs/ walls/ cafe for our wedding photos. I did get some weird looks, but it’s understandable when people can’t picture the end result. In the end it was up to the owners whether we could take photos there or not, some said yes and others said no.

The Nup: How did you choose a photographer?

Tereza: It was a really tough decision, but we knew we couldn’t afford a ‘professional’, so we looked at people we knew , matched their style of photography to the photographers we liked and went from there. But actually it was really amazing having people we knew taking photos because they captured so many little moments of the people that mean the most to us. Moments that someone who didn’t know us could so easily have missed.Graffiti Wedding - Yorkshire wedding blog Graffiti Wedding - Yorkshire wedding blogGraffiti Wedding - Yorkshire wedding blogGraffiti Wedding - Yorkshire wedding blog

The Nup: What did your bridal party think about having to pose in public places?

Teresa: At the beginning they were shocked that we had chosen this kind of photoshoot, but they all know that I’m a photographer and how creative Michael is so it didn’t take them long to realise that it would be really cool. On the day they were all (mainly the groomsmen) encouraging the passing cars to beep their horns and wave at us, so I think they actually loved being the centre of attention. Graffiti Wedding - Yorkshire wedding blog Graffiti Wedding - Yorkshire wedding blogGraffiti Wedding - Yorkshire wedding blog

The Nup: What was the response like from members of the public who saw you in the middle of the high street on a Saturday afternoon in your wedding dress?

Tereza: Many people stopped to look and many beeped their horns when they drove past, but many didn’t believe it was a real wedding. They were under the impression that we were shooting a movie or doing a fashion shoot. But a lot of them were considerate, stopping their cars to let us go. We even got some free glasses of wine from a local wine shop. That was one of the highlights of the day!Graffiti Wedding - Yorkshire wedding blogGraffiti Wedding - Yorkshire wedding blogGraffiti aWedding - Yorkshire wedding blogTo see more pictures from Michael and Tereza’s wedding click on the images below:

Graffiti Wedding - Yorkshire wedding blogThe Nup: What advice would you give to other couples tempted to have the same style of photos?

Tereza: I would say to definitely experiment with ideas. If you want an urban wedding, do it! But make sure that you tell your photographers beforehand and give  them some suggestions of where you’d like to go and what you want to do. But mostly make sure that you’re doing it because you love it and not just to be different. One of the reasons we did it in town is because we have many memories there, the places mean something to us. So if you’re going to go for this kind of shoot I recommend going to where you had your first date, or first kiss, etc. Just have fun with it and don’t worry about what people might think because I will guarantee that they will love the photos in the end!Graffiti Wedding - Yorkshire wedding blog

(Wedding video by Clarkson Media)

Thank you Tereza and Michael for sharing your special day with us. To see more of Tereza’s work click here.

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