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Hello folks, I hope you are all well. In Part Two of our Pre-loved Yorkshire Wedding series we’re looking at how you can source pre-loved items online.

For buying and selling pre-loved items, most people think of eBay. But often searching for wedding-related items amongst the millions of things bought and sold there everyday can be exhausting. One person who found the answer to that problem was Rebecca Aspin from Sell My Wedding, an online Yorkshire-based marketplace where people can buy and sell everything from their big day, from their wedding dress to entire marquees.Preloved Yorkshire weddings - Sell My Wedding - The Nuptial

The Nup: What motivated you to set up Sell My Wedding?

Rebecca: I established Sell My Wedding in July 2011 when following my own wedding I was unable to find a UK-based website where I could recycle my wedding items and share them with another bride. Whilst there was of course eBay and websites for selling second hand wedding dresses, there was nothing out there dedicated to recycling all wedding items.

I wanted to create a website that I myself would have enjoyed browsing, something different and more personal to a classified site, where you could literally sell everything to do with your big day, from the dress to the décor.Preloved Yorkshire weddings - Sell My Wedding - The Nuptial(Images by Ally Byrom Photography)

The Nup: How does the site work?

Rebecca: Private sellers pay a one off fee to list an unlimited amount of wedding items for sale or hire.

There are no individual listing fees or sales commission like on other sites and sellers manage and update their items – with them appearing live straight away.

Buyers register for a free account which enables them to message the seller directly and then the negotiating is done directly between the two parties.

Businesses that have items to hire or those with sample, preloved, vintage and handmade items for sale can also join our site as a business vendor.

The Nup: What items are the most popular?  

Rebecca: Sellers that do well on Sell My Wedding are those who list a number of items from their wedding and who take the time tell their story of their wedding on their profile page, which is in essence what the site is all about.

Current trends that we are seeing on the site, and those items that are quick to sell, include:

 – Rustic and natural inspired table décor – from tree slice centerpieces to moss covered table numbers.
– Metallic décor and collections of vintage glassware.
– Hanging décor: from paper lanterns, to metres of handmade bunting.
– DIY touches: from glittered table numbers to hand painted signs – brides can get the DIY look without having to do any of the DIY themselves.

We’re also seeing an increase in brides who are choosing to hire out their items rather than selling them.Preloved Yorkshire weddings - Sell My Wedding - The Nuptial Preloved Yorkshire weddings - Sell My Wedding - The Nuptial

The Nuptial: What are the advantages to buying preloved?

Rebecca: Don’t be afraid to buy preloved – just because it’s a wedding, everything does not need to be brand new.

I don’t think that there is as much of a stigma about buying secondhand as there used to be, people love to trawl the internet, car boot sales and charity shops to find the perfect items for their wedding!

Décor is our most popular category. While a lot of people may be put off buying their wedding dress secondhand they wouldn’t think twice about buying secondhand décor or items for their wedding.

Most items have only been used for a matter of hours so are in impeccable condition.

We have Vera Wang and Jenny Packham dresses for sale, which are listed at sometimes half the original price, so if you fall in love with a designer dress but couldn’t afford to buy it brand new, searching for a preloved one will enable you to purchase your dream dress.

The advantages are that it is a great way to keep the costs down as you can get items up to half price, plus you could resell after your own wedding.Preloved Yorkshire weddings - Sell My Wedding - The Nuptial

The Nuptial: What’s the best thing about working in the wedding industry?

Rebecca: I have met some wonderful people who have been a great source of inspiration and support.

My day job when I started the website was in the public sector so it was a creative outlet for me, now I love immersing myself in the wonderful world of weddings.

Thanks Rebecca. If you want to know more about Sell My Wedding, you can check out their new look website, launching on the 15th December, or email Rebecca on hello@sellmywedding.co.uk

The Nuptial team x

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