Wedding trends: Smoke Bomb Wedding Photos

Smoke bomb wedding photo inspirationIf you’ve been searching for wedding inspiration on Pinterest (and I know that you have), then you will have seen a lot of wedding shots with smoke bombs. It’s a trend that’s not going away with photographers using them to create an ethereal, dreamlike glow, whatever the setting, whether it’s a beach, forest or an urban landscape. In short, when used properly, smoke bombs can lift a photo from drab to fab.

However, in case you don’t know what I’m talking about (and if so, where have you been?) smoke bombs are not as lethal as they sound. They’re simply small flares that produce a large cloud of smoke when they’re lit. They come in different colours and can be used to great effect in photography. Quite simply, they bring the drama.

Here are some gorgeous smoke bomb wedding shots to inspire you:

Smoke bomb wedding photo inspiration

Image: Gemini and the BearSmoke bomb wedding photo inspiration

Image: Vicki + ErikSmoke bomb wedding photo inspiration

Image: Lara Hotz PhotographySmoke bomb wedding photo inspiration

Image: Alice MahranSmoke bomb wedding photo inspiration

Image: Aaron & Whitney PhotographySmoke bomb wedding photo inspiration

Image: Radredcreative

If you think that these images are da bomb (apologies), then there’s nothing stopping you having similar shots at your wedding. However, please remember the following tips:

  1. Ask your photographer beforehand if they are prepared to do this. This is first and foremost for a reason. They will have to consider lighting, time of day, setting, etc. Don’t hand them a smoke grenade on the day of your wedding and expect them to know what to do.
  2. Smoke bombs are dirty and they will leave deposits on clothes. If you have your heart set on a smoke bomb image a photoshoot after the wedding could be an option.
  3. Use outdoors in a space with plenty of ventilation and not near anything that’s flammable. No one wants to start a forest fire on their wedding day (or any day for that matter).
  4. Get the venue’s permission. Would you like someone to set off a smoke bomb in your garden without asking you first?
  5. Stick to one or two colours. Don’t get carried away and use too many. Like paint, the smoke will mix and you might end up with smoke in a lovely shade of brown. Delightful.
  6. Finally, remember that smoke is unpredictable, therefore the results will be unpredictable. Don’t get too hung up on recreating a picture you’ve seen on Pinterest. Plus don’t forget, Yorkshire is windy, y’all. Just saying.


For more inspiration, check out our Smoke Bomb Wedding board on Pinterest.


Michelle, The Nuptial x