Your wedding your way – 5 Wedding Myths Exposed

Wedding myths you can ignore. How to personalise your weddingWhen you start planning your wedding you will find that everyone will have an opinion on what you should do and how you should do it. If you consult the internet you will find lists upon lists of wedding ‘rules’ ranging from what to wear, who to invite, to who should sit where. Fulfilling all those obligations could tie you up in knots, so it’s no wonder that now more than ever, couples are opting to break with tradition and are choosing to do things their own way. The number of ways you can personalise your wedding is limitless, so to start you off, here is our list of 5 wedding myths you can ignore:

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Myth #1 You have to have a large wedding.

This is not true. Saying your vows in front of all your nearest and dearest might seem like a dream to many, but it isn’t always possible. If budgets are tight and/or family relationships strained, then feel free to give that long guest list a good cull.Wedding myths you can ignore. How to personalise your wedding

(Image: Mike and Tom Wedding Photographers)

Youtuber and blogger, Anna Newton from The Anna Edit did just that when she married her fiancé Mark earlier this year. Their ceremony in Brighton Town Hall was followed by an intimate meal for their 27 guests in a local restaurant, after which they ended the night with a party in their flat. Theirs was a classy and beautiful wedding with lots of fun and laughter, proving that a small wedding can be every bit as wonderful as a large one. Want to see for yourself? Check out her wedding day blog post.

Tip: You want a small guest list, but you’re worried about offending people? Many couples get around this by marrying abroad. Asking people to fork out on flights and accommodation can do wonders to narrow a guest list!

Myth #2 – You have to have a sit down meal. Wedding myths you can ignore. How to personalise your wedding

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If a formal sit-down meal isn’t for you, then you can feed your guests in other ways. Food trucks are a great way to feed large numbers of people and are also a way to offer your guests a selection of cuisines. For details of food trucks and mobile bars that operate in the Yorkshire region, check out our Supplier Directory.Wedding myths you can ignore. How to personalise your wedding

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Myth #3 – You have to wear a traditional wedding dress.

This is absolutely not the case. If you don’t want to wear a long white gown, you don’t have to. There are lots of wedding dress options in different lengths, as well as different colours. A wedding dress can be whatever you like – floral, multi-coloured or even sequinned. Wedding myths you can ignore. How to personalise your wedding

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For more coloured wedding dress inspiration, check out our trend report on Coloured Wedding GownsWedding myths you can ignore. How to personalise your wedding

(Mae Gown by Chantel Lauren. Image: Heather Nan, USA)

Myth #4 – You don’t need to hire a professional photographer.

Dresses get put in storage, memories fade, but those photos will last forever, so get a professional to take pictures. Your friends might have great digital cameras on their phones, but a good professional photographer will find those special moments and make them shine. If you’re not comfortable in front of the camera, then a good photographer will know how to make you feel relaxed, so don’t be scared to get in front of that lens.

If there is a particular style of photography that catches your eye, then shop around. There are so many fantastic Yorkshire wedding photographers that you are bound to find somebody that matches your taste and style.

Myth #5 – Bridesmaids must wear identical dresses.

Not all our friends look the same, so why dress them the same? The different sizes, complexions and personalities of each of your bridesmaids means that a dress style that suits one person might look terrible on another and the last thing you want is for your bridesmaids to be uncomfortable on the day. Mismatched dresses are the answer to this problem and the beauty of this style is that there are no rules. You could opt for the same dress in different tones, or for the same fabric in different styles. Similarly, your bridesmaids could wear different dresses altogether.Wedding myths you can ignore. How to personalise your wedding Wedding myths you can ignore. How to personalise your wedding

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I hope we’ve encouraged you to plan your wedding your way. If you are adding some personal touches to your wedding, then feel free to let us know on our Facebook page, we’d love to hear from you.

Happy planning!

Michelle – The Nuptial x