Try these ideas for a creative wedding film

Creating a wedding film for you and your family is a wonderful way to relive those memories, and to share them with the rest of the world. Here are some ideas to help you and your videographer create a creative wedding film and capture the magic on your big day.

Forget about traditional poses and formalities and focus on the action. Think about what you want your video to capture. Will you want shots of the ceremony? The speeches? The dancing? Or all three? If possible, film as much of the action as possible from different angles. This will mean getting in close and using some interesting techniques, but it will make for a better video overall.

Have a clear idea about what you want in a video

This might sound a bit too basic but believe me; it’s one of the best tips that I can give you. If you know exactly what kind of video you’re looking forward to have, it would be much easier for you to decide which one is the best match for your expectations. You should also consider if there are any specific things that you don’t want included in your video. It’s really important that both of you have the same vision regarding this matter so that there won’t be any problem during the process of making the video or during its final result.

Outsource a videographer

It’s fun to shoot your own wedding, but if you don’t have much videography experience, it can be stressful. Hire someone else to do it! Hiring a seasoned professional wedding videographer will ensure you’ll get quality wedding footage you can later turn info a creative wedding film. It will give you professional looking video. Hiring an assistant will relieve you from having to worry about directing and camera work, instead, you’ll get to focus on being in the moment.

Get creative with the help of your guests

Don’t let formalities get in the way of capturing real emotions. Have your guests write down their most memorable moments from your relationship. The proposal, the first kiss, or falling in love and ask them to read them aloud during dinner. This will help them feel part of the celebration and give you great footage for your film.

Don’t try to be perfect

The best news is that your wedding film doesn’t have to be perfect in order for it to be wonderful! It’s all about infusing real life into your video. If you make them feel like they’re there with you on that special day, then you’ve done what needs to be done!

Multiple Cameras

Consider getting a second camera operator to record all of your ceremony details, such as rings exchanged and vows said. You’ll be able to cut between multiple angles during post-production, giving viewers a multiple choice of angles.

Use a drone

Using a drone on your wedding day might feel like a time consuming exercise but the extra viewpoints you get from will enrich your final wedding film. Drones are great for those bird eye view establishing shots of the venue. Aerial video is cool trend in both wedding photography and wedding videography. Drones give you a unique view of your event. Aerial shots will definitely add some wow factor to your wedding film and make it stand out from your competitors.