Wedding favours for your special day

Wedding favours are an important way to thank your guests for attending your wedding. Not only will you be giving them something to remember your special day by, but you’ll also have a little fun personalising the favours with your own touches.

From flower seeds to lollipops and everything in between, we have carefully curated our selection of wedding favours to bring you the best in style and quality.

Our range of favours are sure to please. Whether you’re looking for a DIY option that you can customise yourself or ready-to-go items, we have something for every style of wedding. There’s nothing better than giving a unique gift that your guests will appreciate and enjoy long after your big day has ended.

The best wedding favours are the ones that have meaning to you as a couple. Here are some unique wedding favour ideas that you can use for inspiration for your own special day.

Homemade wedding favours

Are you crafty? There are many different ways to incorporate this into your wedding! If you love baking, you could bake some treats and put them in a small box or bag for each guest. Or maybe instead of baking, you can knit or sew something simple like a pair of socks or lavender sachets. It doesn’t really matter what your “craft” is, as long as it’s something that suits you and your partner!

Unique wedding favours

Instead of giving out traditional favours such as sweets or mints, why not give something more meaningful? You could even make it more personal by adding names and dates on it. One idea is to give out engraved photo frames which guests can fill with their own special photos from the night. Another idea is to make a custom Spotify playlist so that guests can dance along to all the songs from the reception at home! Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and make your own rules!


A bottle of wine or a miniature bottle of spirits is a popular choice for wedding favours, whether it’s given to each guest as a gift or used as part of the table decoration.

A little bit of something sweet

These can be chocolates, sweets or anything else you fancy, but think about how long they have been in storage before handing them out to guests. You don’t want to give them anything that has been in your cupboards for months and months.

A personal touch

This might be some homemade jam or chutney, or something else that you’ve made yourself. Personal touches are great because they reflect your personalities as a couple, and are much more likely to be appreciated than something generic and off-the-shelf.